Riverside walks of London

Yesterday was one of those rare winter days where the sun roars from the sky, casting a golden glow on everything and everyone. When it happens, people across London GTFO of the house and rush to the nearest park.  Especially the homesick Kiwis yearning for blue sky.

So when yesterday morning rolled around there was no question that a group of us would be making the most of the day. One of my friends here has a company car so offered to drive us to Richmond Park¬†in Surrey, on the outskirts of London. I’ve waxed lyrical about Richmond Park before – it really is the cream of the crop as far as I’m concerned.

What we did yesterday was a wee bit different. We drove into the park (avoiding the deer that wander free, scaring the shit out of tourists) and parked somewhere in the middle. As we walked and talked we weren’t really watching where we were going and realised we’d left the park that we’d come all this way to visit (!). Instead we wandered along the Thames towpath towards Richmond township.

It was beautiful. We stopped for some soul-warming treats at Tide Tables Cafe (chai latte and a gluten free brownie for me) before continuing our walk. As the sun warmed our backs, there was gossip to be had and double-storied houseboats to be admired.

Even that small dose of outdoorsiness and sunshine can really lift your spirits. Here’s to more winter days like that, please.