Lovely Shoreditch buns: Yum Bun street food

I’ve been meaning to sample hirata buns since reading TimeOut’s special on the trendy new street food that’s taking over London. We were in the Old St area for a Sola Rosa gig last night so I ‘conveniently’ recalled that Yum Bun was en route to the venue.

And man oh man are these some tasty buns. The buns themselves are basically dumpling-dough (sweet & fluffy = good times) with 4 options for fillings: chicken, pork, fish or veg.

The damage: Buns are £3.50 each, or two for £6.50 so it’s a cheap feed.

What to eat: I wasn’t going home without trying the crispy fish special with coriander mayo and crunchy spring onions. Drool. Second on the agenda was the pork bun, which had less of the zingy flavours of the fish but was bursting full of porky goodness. Mmmm. We washed it all down with a quick pint at the neighbouring pub, where you can perch on the counter and eat your buns in style.  Overall a great snack on the go and deserving of the hype. Yum Bun: we will be back!

Location: Stumbling distance from Old St roundabout, Yum Bun’s at 31 Featherstone St, EC1Y 2BJ

Listening to:Spinning top’ by Sola Rosa